Letter from 马特


Dear Overlake Community,

When darkness descends on our campus about 5:00 pm each day and the temperatures drop, it’s both a beautiful time of the year and one where warm clothing, 诚实, and an appreciation for our unique position so far northwest in the lower 48 is essential. 

今天中午, we also enter into the time of year when we all can slow down, catch our breath, and find time to be together in ways that the school-year routine often prohibits. 

Given the characteristics of our setting, we are well served by embracing what Scandina通过ns call hygge, a state of mind featuring coziness and convi通过lity and one that enables people to come together in warm, 舒适的设置. Given how we in the Pacific Northwest don’t let rain limit our outdoor lives, we are already practicing a type of hygge, one in which we not only persevere when the days are dark and cold, 但, 事实上, embrace and enjoy this time. 为什么不? Bring out the candles and the hot cider! 

对我来说, hygge includes many of our Overlake traditions, including several that took place in recent days: the Upper School play, 麦克白, where we gathered in our beautiful theater and collectively appreciated the hard work that sits behind such an ambitious production; the many musical concerts, where a large number of students on a rich range of instruments and their own voices brought the community together to enjoy music; and a return of our annual Winter Banquet, where we sat around round tables for a family-style meal, enjoying wonderful food and each other’s company.

At the heart of hygge for me is community. A community where we know and care for each other. A community where we do just a little more during this season, maybe over hot chocolate and near a fireplace. May the coming weeks provide many such experiences for you and yours, both in your families and your extended communities at Overlake and beyond.